Michael Koltsov
Automate yourself out of running your applications with Apache Mesos
At my day job, we went through a long roller coaster ride to find out how to efficiently deploy our microservices-based SaaS-platform on a daily basis having multiple deploys done by different developers to different cloud providers. As in our company, we are big proponents of the "SRE book" by Google I'll explain why in my opinion the future belongs to such technologies as Mesos and Kubernetes. Also, why developers in our company need nothing but Git to deploy their apps and how we've stopped caring about how your Docker containers are running by empowering machines to do that for us.

Michail, an avid programmer for more than 13 years, began writing his first apps in Java using JBuilder on Mandrake Linux. He has worked with all layers of application development as a developer, DevOps and PM. Currently, he is involved in building and running distributed, resilient applications for bet processing on the British market. His own formula for keeping a good balance between work and life is to automate his own job out to machines so he could spend more time with his family travelling. Commits his spare time to contribute to open source projects such as Apache Zeppelin as well as to both of his kids.

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