Ilya Sher
Lower your TCO with custom solutions and NGS
I will share with the audience why I prefer custom solutions to ready-made
tools for many systems engineering tasks. Imagine all the time you will have to
really work on your system while not upgrading a "turnkey" module to the next
version, which might include "breaking changes between minor versions." Imagine
the peaceful feeling of looking at two screens of your own script instead of
figuring out what went wrong somewhere between the 2000+ lines of the code
written by someone else. Imagine finishing your working day early and going
home to your loved ones instead of fixing a state file of a tool that you hoped
would make your infrastructure-as-code dream come true (except it's not code,
it's more a configuration format and therefore you have to generate it
somehow). Imagine yourself acquiring skills that make your future brighter, not
a specific vendor richer.

Ilya, currently CTO at, has more than 15 years of systems and software engineering experience. As a consultant, Ilya was exposed to a wide range of solutions, good and bad. Ilya likes to share his views, based on his experience. Ilya has been working on the Next Generation Shell (NGS) since 2013 and believes it will soon become the solution of choice for systems engineering tasks.
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